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What to expect during the building process


Once the details of your purchase have been finalized, we will begin the construction of your home. The New Home Sales Counselor in your community will fill you in on all the details regarding construction and a timeline.


Below is a general listing of the phases of construction.


 1. Pre-construction Meeting: At this time, you will meet the Construction Associate that will be in charge of crafting your new home. In this meeting, you will confirm your structural options, walk the homesite, and have any questions regarding the homebuilding process answered.


2. Crawl/Slab Completion: The foundation is complete and framing will be starting.


3. Framing Completion: The shell of the home is completed. Siding, roofing, plumbing, electrical and HVAC rough-ins will be starting.


4. Rough-ins Complete: The plumbing, electrical and HVAC rough-ins are complete. Insulation will be starting. Set up pre-drywall meeting.


5. Pre-drywall Meeting: This meeting is to confirm that all electrical options are in the desired location; i.e., phone, cable, ceiling fan locations, other upgraded lighting, etc.



6. Drywall and Paint Completion: The interior of the home has been painted but not cleaned. The cabinets and flooring will soon be starting. Typically flooring will be installed in this order: soft flooring (vinyl), hard flooring (hardwood flooring or ceramic tile), and carpeting.


7. Cabinets and Flooring In: At this time a pre-settlement demonstration will be scheduled.

Your home is ready!


At this phase, your home has met or exceeded all inspection, including buyer paid inspections, government agency inspections, and lender required inspections.


8. Punch List: A written list of items, which need to be fixed, repaired or replaced prior to a final settlement inspection.


9. Walk-through or Final Settlement Inspection: A buyer’s final inspection of a newly built home prior to move-in.


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