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Step-by-Step Elevation Guide

During the home elevation process houses are separated from their foundations, then raised and held by temporary supports while new or extended foundations are constructed beneath. The result, living areas are elevated and only the foundations remain exposed to flood waters.


Raising a house with a pier and beam foundation is fairly straight forward. However, slab built and raised basement homes can be elevated as well. These are the steps taken during the process:

STEP 1: The Preparation

On the day your project is scheduled to begin, Arrow Head Group will  arrive with our skilled team to deliver equipment and prepare your  home for either our House Elevation Service or our Foundation Repair service.


STEP 2: The Installation of Jacks

At Castillo Builders we  use a state of the art hydraulic jacking system to execute the house elevation services and foundation repair services. These jacks are the first heavy equipment to be installed beneath your home.

STEP 3: The Elevation of the Home/Commercial Site

Using these hydraulic jacking system Castillo Builders will carefully execute the process of leveling and/or elevating  your home/commercial site.


STEP 4: The Installation of Shims

Once the jacks have properly done their job, our highly skilled team will place concrete shims beneath the structure of your home/commercial site.


STEP 5: The Digging of Foundations

Once the house elevation service has been completed, should your project require additional foundations, our skilled team will carefully cut trenches beneath your home. Utility lines and existing structural elements will be carefully treated to avoid any mishaps. Dirt removed from beneath your home will  be stored in a agreed location on the job site and will be used to backfill areas of work once the job has been completed.

STEP 6: The Repair of Damaged Structure

Following the removal and cleaning of any damaged material, the Castillo Builders gifted  structural carpenters will complete its foundation repair services by  replacing and/or constructing new under-floor structural systems for your    home. This being a very complicated, difficult and dangerous process is accomplished by the experience and the expertise of AHG to do the job and do it right.


STEP 7: The Installation of Segmental Precast Concrete Pilings

Should you be raising a slab house, to complete the foundation repair service, the Castillo Builders team will install segmental precast concrete pilings. We use top quality concrete masonry unit and our methods of

installation allow us to offer a lifetime guarantee on all of the pilings that we install.


STEP 8: Completion of the Process

After the completion of the elevation services, the Castillo Builders dedicated team will work hard to make sure the job site is as clean as it was when they arrived to begin your foundation repair. Should your project require, we  will work closely with landscapers and excavators to make sure that all of your needs are met.

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